The Friends of Standen Estate’s President’s Award is given each spring to the volunteer at Standen who has given outstanding or remarkable performance during the previous twelve months towards the aims and objectives of the group.


2018: Jane Hale

Jane has won the award for 2018 thanks to her dedication, determination and organising skills. She has been instrumental in our Christmas Tree display on Goose Green, has carried out research into the tulips and presented information to visitors whilst the Tulip Festival was on. All this alongside her regular volunteering in the Kitchen Garden and much more – an invaluable member of the team.

Jane Hale receiving the Presidents Award for 2018

2017: Pat & Terry Felgate

Pat and Terry received the award jointly in recognition of their outstanding contribution to work in the garden.

Pat Felgate receiving the Presidents Award for 2017

2016: Keith Rogers

Keith, who is stepping down from the committee, received the President’s Award in recognition of all his work over the years, but in particular the much enjoyed BBQs and quizzes.

Keith Rogers with wife Caroline.

2015: Tim Roberson

When James asked for suggestions for his ‘volunteer of the year’ award, three different group leaders all came up with the same name. Indeed, there are times when Tim seems to be a permanent fixture in the woods and gardens at Standen, and he has been involved in countless different projects there.

Tim Roberson receiving the Presidents Award for 2015

2014: Susan Hodgson

Susan has been a leading light in FoSE since its inception, and only her position as Chairperson has stopped James awarding the shield to her before. Although she has stepped down from this role and is no longer actively gardening, she continues to be an ambassador for Standen both through garden, tower and woods tours, and through her links with local organisations like the Town Council and East Grinstead Council for Voluntary Service. It was because she has kept channels open with the latter organisation, making FoSE a member of the CVS, that she was invited recently to attend the celebration held in honour of the 125th Anniversary of West Sussex County Council at Chichester Cathedral, demonstrating that she has put FoSE firmly on the map in West Sussex.

Susan Hodgson receiving the Presidents Award for 2014

2013: Anne Scutt

Anne has been with us as a volunteer for quite a few years now, and is the recipient of the FoSE President’s Award for 2013. Anne volunteers with the Garden, Woodland and Garden Restoration Groups, as well as being on the committee of the Friends of Standen Estate; dedicating so much of her time to the work we do here, most recently, she has taken on the role of treasurer for the group – an unenviable task, but one which she performs very well. Anne’s true quality for me, is the encouragement she gives to other volunteers – she is always ready to listen, lend a hand or advise as necessary, and I am sure that it is because of her that many of our new volunteers have settled in so well. She is also very hard working, and is often out in appalling weather working on projects that need completion. Anne is an inspiration to many at Standen and is thoroughly deserving of this award.

Anne Scutt receiving the Presidents Award for 2013

2012: Anthony Fisher

Anthony has been a stalwart member of the woodland volunteer group for many years, and his attention to detail, patience and persistence have brought about some major advances in the work of all of our volunteers. In particular, Anthony’s organisational skills have come to the fore in the last year or so, with special regard to the woodland tool trailer, and the current work being undertaken to reorganise the gardens workshop. Anthony’s past in the scouts as a quartermaster shows, his local contacts and his systematic and methodical work will ensure every member of staff and every volunteer in the garden and woods at Standen will be able to find the tools and equipment they need straight away. What a blessing!

Anthony Fisher receiving the Presidents Award for 2012

2011: Ben Wiles

Ben first came to Standen as a member of the South Downs National Trust Volunteer group, along with his father, he then re-visited on work experience from school. Since, he has given thousands of hours of volunteer time to Standen, and become an invaluable member of the team. Always keen to use machinery – especially big things! – Ben carries out much of the general maintenance work that helps make Standen look so good for our visitors, he has also designed and installed most of the new fencing and gates around the estate and is always happy to share his knowledge with other volunteers. It has been a real pleasure and a privilege to have Ben as a volunteer at Standen and this award hopefully goes some way to showing our appreciation.

Ben Wiles receiving the Presidents Award for 2011

2010: Mark Philips

Mark has worked in the woods at Standen since 2001 and during that time has been responsible for the design of many items popular with our visitors including the boardwalks in Hollybush and Rockinghill woods, the badger hide and the bridge crossing the small valley at the start of the woodland walk. He has also been intimately involved in the construction of each of these as well as all the other activities undertaken by the woodland volunteers. The greatest achievement by Mark has been the design for the new Hollybush Barn, for which he did all the construction drawings and helped with the health and safety planning. The barn stands as testament to his hard work and commitment. The only problem is; we now need to find him an even bigger challenge!

Mark Philips receiving the Presidents Award for 2010