Wow! What a night. I can’t think of another occasion where the Barn Café was the scene of such excitement – or such mayhem. Moneypenny Productions staged their Murder Mystery event Dead over Dinner on 29th July to a packed room of guests dressed variously in colours appropriate to their table’s Cluedo character, in 20’s gear or as detectives. Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes put in an appearance, as did several members of the local constabulary. In addition there were several flappers with glitzy sequins and feather boas. In short, everyone entered into the spirit of the evening with gusto.

Colonel Mustard’s table

Lawrence Brown, whose company performed the event, knew how to create an appropriate atmosphere, and soon had the whole audience participating volubly in the fun as the gruesome murder of Professor Plum – which took place in the dining room although what was left of his body was discovered in the study – unfolded. Between the courses the actors played a number of scenes which suggested that each of the three people at Plum’s house, Mrs White the cook, Colonel Mustard the botanist, and Miss Scarlett the actress all might have had a hand in the murder. Was Colonel Mustard taking revenge for having his research published under Professor Plum’s name? Did Mrs White object to being sacked for failing to provide suitable meals? Or was Miss Scarlett trying to avoid being blackmailed by the Professor? If you weren’t there, you will have to wait for the next newsletter to come out to find out the answer.

All dressed up 1920’s style

The actors all took it in turn to be questioned by table teams, and points were awarded, or taken away, depending on the quality of the interrogation. At the end of the evening, each table was invited to answer the questions; who did it; how did they do it; and why did they do it? After an early lead on bonus points, Dr Black’s table fell from their prestigious lead position, and in the end it was Miss Peach’s table which took home the winners’ certificates.

Miss Peach’s table wins with the help of Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes!


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