The summerhouse at the end of Grandfather’s Walk was built for James Beale. The summerhouse at the top of the garden on the Top Terrace was built in 1910 and this is about the time when James Beale became too frail to reach the upper areas of the garden. Therefore this new walkway was cut into the slope and a shaded path created by the planting of 13 Limes with a summerhouse to relax in at the end by the Ha Ha.

Dramatic changes have taken place along Grandfather’s walk. The “Box Balls” put in by the Trust in the 1970s have been dug up and Lime trees replanted, which we will pollard every few years to keep their size in check, just as the Beales would have done. There is a circular bed around the base of each tree which will be planted up with exotic bedding plants, just as it would have been in Mrs Beale’s time. Originally there were 13 Limes growing here but so as to ensure that the Indian Bean Tree has sufficient space to grow we have planted 12.

The top courses of the sandstone wall that runs alongside the path at the foot of the sloping lawn has been rebuilt and the border at the bottom of this will be replanted. The path will be resurfaced and the border edging reinstated. Along the edge of the Main Lawn that borders Grandfather’s Walk extensive work has also been done to improve the drainage of this area.