The areas either side of the sloping lawn have got considerably overgrown over the years with cherry laurel and holly. We have started to clear this and reveal some of the original Beale trees and shrubs.

It was a great playground for the Beale children and initially before Grandfather’s Walk was put in, and the land terraced, the lawn sloped down onto the Main Lawn. Phyllis Worthington (Barton’s sister) had a red trolley which she would ride down the hill and that’s also how some of the grandchildren learnt to ride their bikes.

At the top of the sloping lawn was a sandpit. The sand, which often washed away, would be replenished by the gardeners who would crush up sand stone rocks to make the sand. These wonderful views across the property will be opened up once again. The landscape that is viewed from the upper reaches of the garden has changed very little since the Beale’s time here at Standen. The only major change is the building of Weirwood Reservoir in the 1950s.

The sloping lawn is managed as a wildflower meadow and we are gradually seeing an increase in the range of wildflowers appearing in the area and also attracting bees and butterflies.